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Una Bible John 4

On August 24, 2022, the Una Bible was dedicated and distributed to the Una people in Langda, Papua. By praying and financially partnering with us, YOU ENABLED THIS WORK TO BE DONE! Well done!

Some details about the Una people and this translation work:
6000 people make up the Una people.
About 50% of them are both literate and bilingual.
The work began in 1989 with a team of four people.
After the New Testament was dedicated, the original four translators were joined by four more, bringing the team to eight.
The two Dutch translators, although on the team, were acting primarily as consultants.
The bulk of the Old Testament was translated by Una speakers having been trained in translation techniques.
Over 100 Una people were involved in testing and reviewing of the Una Bible.


Testimony of One of the Una Attendees

String Bag

String Bags are used to carry their possessions. Important possessions are carried in their own string bag.

Mike and Mary first arrived in Papua in the autumn of 1995. While the project began in 1989, the first five years were spent in analyzing and cataloguing the language. It is a very complex language with 3 dialects and over 250 verb forms. Finally, in 1994, one year prior to the Lotts' arrival the actual translation work began. Their oldest son, Kars, was the same age as the Lotts' oldest son and the two became good friends.

The community in Papua celebrated this Bible completion on Sept. 4. At that time the translators pointed out how the work would have gone much slower or even abandoned in frustration if it had not been for the team of support workers, teachers, pilots, and others who helped them with the work load. Mike and Mary taught all three of their children. All three of their children are actively involved in serving God's Kingdom, two in the States and one back here in Papua as a jungle pilot.

Together, with this great body of witnesses, we are seeing God's Word going forth in this world.


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