The nicest things happened to me today. I started out to run a quick errand on my way to school, so fortunately I left the house early. Well, my motorcycle may be close to 25 years old and it, like many older folks, has gotten notional. It may have gone 30 yards when the engine quit and would not restart. I tried kick-starting. I pushed it out to the bigger street, Pos 7, and was going to start it going down the hill and popping it into first. Nope, wasn't happening.

So, I decide to push it to the benkal, the repair shop, then walk the rest of the way to school. Not the favorite idea but the most practical.

This is where things get wonderful. A very nice Papuan saw my plight and stopped his bike. He then motioned my bike forward a bit, put his foot on my knalpot, exhaust pipe, and pushed me down Pos 7, waited at Jalan Raya, the busy main street, pushed me through it and then down to the stop light at Pasar Lama, a very busy cross street.

When the light turned green, he continued his service and we turned into the benkal a few moments later.

He almost left but I asked if I could thank him. Then I pulled out my wallet and vastly overpaid him in local currency. I gave him the equivalent of about $4.20.

He thanked me and went on his way. I crossed the street and began my trek toward the school. Beloved, I NEVER, walk any where. I tire too easily. But I made it to the bottom of the hill up to the school. This was going to be rough.

I go a little way up. Coming down was the high schoolers on their way to their Beach Bond weekend. I got to say an extra good-bye. I love those kids.

Still however, a long way to climb. Up I continue.

Next, though, a big white SUV came down the hill. I trudge on. But, the driver recognized me and turned around. It was the mother of one of my six graders. She had turned especially to take me the rest of the way.

I am sooooo blessed.