Random Pictures

We are moving toward the last several months of our year-long Home Mission Assignment, formerly referred to as "furlough." This has been a much needed break with family events (such as two new grandchildren), life-and-death experiences (a serious illness, a hurricane, and a few tornados), football games and a fun basketball season. These are just a few random photos taken here-and-there because I didn't have anywhere else to put them.

A reunion of friends from high school


The nicest things happened to me today. I started out to run a quick errand on my way to school, so fortunately I left the house early. Well, my motorcycle may be close to 25 years old and it, like many older folks, has gotten notional. It may have gone 30 yards when the engine quit and would not restart. I tried kick-starting. I pushed it out to the bigger street, Pos 7, and was going to start it going down the hill and popping it into first. Nope, wasn't happening.

Christmas In Sentani

We are asked many times what Christmas time is like here. While it is true that the majority of people here are moslems, there is a significant Christian present. The <i>Pancasila</i> guarantees freedom of worship. Therefore, Christmas Day One and Christmas Day Two (Dec. 26) are national holidays.